Our 65 Install Scripts

We are now offering a total of 65 one click instillation scripts making it quick and easy to install your favourite platforms. As our scripts are managed locally we can ensure they’re quickly updated to the latest versions as we don’t rely on 3rd party systems, such as fantastico.

Please see below list of our 65 one-click installation scripts and there current version – correct at April 2012



WordPress V3.3.1
Joomla V2.5.4
Drupal V7.12
Concrete5 CMS V5.5.2
Agora Shopping Cart V5.2.005
AWStats Statistics V7.0
Banner Advert Manager V3.20
bbpress V1.1
BuddyPress V1.5.4+WP3.3.1
CMS Made Simple V1.10.3
Coppermine Photo Gallery V1.5.18
Crafty Syntax Live Help V3.1.4
CubeCart Shopping Cart V3.0.20
dotProject V2.1.5
Drupal CMS V6.25
E-Blah V10.3.6
Elgg V1.8.3
Form to Email V1.92x
Free For All Links Page V2.2
Geeklog Weblog V1.8.1
Guestbook V2.45
Internet Countdown V1.21
Joomla CMS 1.5 V1.5.26
Joomla CMS 1.7 V1.7.5
LimeSurvey V1.91+
Locked Area Lite V6.4
Mambo CMS V4.6.5
mantisBT V1.2.8
MediaWiki V1.18.2
MODX V2.2.0-pl2
Moodle V2.2.2
Nucleus Weblog V3.64
Open Web Analytics V1.5.2
Openads V2.8.7
Opencart V1.5.2.1
osCommerce Shopping Cart V2.3.1
Osticket V1.6.0
Photo Gallery (db) V2.3.1
Photo Gallery (no db) V1.6-RC3
phpBB3 Forum V3.0.10
PHPCoin V1.6.5
PhpMyFAQ V2.7.1
PHProjeckt V6.0.6
Piwik Stats V1.7.1
PixelPost V1.7.3
Pligg V1.2.0
Prestashop V1.4.7.0
Roundcube Webmail V0.7.2
SilverStripe CMS V2.4.7
Simple Invoices V2011.1
Small Machines Forum V2.0.2
Squirrel Mail V1.4.22
StatusNet V1.0.1
SugarCRM V6.3.1
Textpattern V4.4.1
TomatoCart V1.1.5
Tracewatch V0.353
Typo3 V4.6.1
Vanilla V2.0.18.1
Web Auction V1.53
Web Calendar V2.9.3a
Web Ring V3.3
Website Search V1.6
Zen Cart Shopping Cart V1.5.0
Zenphoto V1.4.2.3


If there’s an install script you’d like to see added to your control panel please contact us.