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Free CDN added to SGIS Pro

Great news for SGIS Pro accounts, we’ve added a Content Distribution Network (CDN) to all Pro accounts completely free of charge.

A CDN can help your website load faster to all users wherever they are. It does this by caching copies of your website on servers across the world. If someone from the USA views your website, hosted in the UK, there can be a delay in that data being served to the area. A CDN helps by serving a copy of your website off a server closer to the user, vastly increasing its speed.

There are multiple points around the world where a copy of your site’s data is stored so wherever the visitor is coming from the CDN will really help.

There can also be some SEO benefits to this as we all know search engines love a fast loading website!

To activate your CDN simply access the hosting control panel and you will find a new section to activate this feature. If you need any advice just get in touch with our support team here or follow our guide

Want to upgrade to the SGIS Pro?

The SGIS Pro offers fantastic features such as 10GB email accounts and free SSLs. Now with the offering of a CDN it’s an appealing choice for any website owner. Give us a shout if you’d like to upgrade to the SGIS Pro today.