Domain control panel features

  • Catchall Email Forwarding
  • Change Contacts
  • DNS Management
  • Email Forwarding
  • Change Nominet Tag
  • Domain Locking
  • Change Nameservers
  • Opt out of WHOIS
  • Web forwarding
  • Free Support
  • You're in control
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Web hosting can be added at any time from our control panel or whilst ordering your domain.

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Domain names from £7.99/year

Register domains for £7.99/year and .com domains for only £10.99/year.

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What is a domain?

The domain is the website address, for example is the domain name of this website. You must choose a domain before you can pick a hosting package.

It's best to look at the domain name as the address and hosting as an online filing cabinet where the text, images etc are stored.

A domain can only be registered to one person, so you must choose a domain that no one else has registered. The above search box will show you a list of all the available domains with the price next to it. Once you have picked your domain you can continue to order hosting (if you need it).

What happens next?

We use an automatic registration system so there is no need to wait for us to get to work. You will receive an email shortly after you have paid confirming your registration and if you ordered hosting your website will be visible to the rest of the world!

Is it expensive?

Not really, a domain costs £7.99 and covers 1 years registration and hosting comes in from £15.99 per year, thats only £23.98 per year in total. You don't need hosting if you just want to use your domain as an email address or redirect it to another website.

Can I add hosting later?

Yes, you can order hosting at any time however you won't be able to take advantage of our free domain offers when purchasing separately.

Can I transfer a domain already registered?

Yes, if you search for your domain on the above domain search box you will see an option to transfer your domain.