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Turn WordPress into an eShop

WordPress is a fantastic content management system (CMS) which allows easy publication of news articles and pages. Although it doesn’t offer an e-commerce solution out of the box, adding a plugin can easily change WordPress into a powerful eShop. We offer WordPress hosting at an affordable price so it’s possible to start your own e-commerce site using WordPress from as little as £12.99 per year.

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There are plenty of WordPress e-commerce plugins available and we have taken a quick look at some of the more popular plugins. You can see a full list here


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JigoShop is a great e-commerce plugin. The basic plugin is free and offers a solid selection of premium add-ons and themes if you need to go beyond the standard functions.

WP e-Commerce

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Based on downloads from, WP e-Commerce is the most popular choice. WP e-Commerce offers great documentation and video guides to setting up and using their software.


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WooCommerce is created by the same developers of WooThemes so these guys understand WordPress very well. Like the other plugins they offer a range of premium extensions to add extra functionality to your e-commerce site.

Cart66 Lite

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Cart66 Lite appears to offer the most features for free. Unlike the other plugins you can’t add-on extensions to add extra functionality, instead you are required to sign up to Cart66 Cloud or Cart66 Pro. The both offer a lot of features but might be a more expensive option if you only need that little bit more.

WP Online Store

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WP Online Store uses core code from osCommerce. osCommerce has been around for a long time and if you’re familiar with osCommerce, WP Online Store might be the choice for you as it offers a similar admin interface and functions.


Which plugin is best comes down to personal preference. We’d recommend testing some out to see what works for you.