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Website tools

A look at some helpful online web tools to help you design and develop your website.

Website testing

It’s important to test your site across multiple bowsers to ensure your site renders correctly. There a few services out there that take screen shots of your website on multiple browsers and versions so you can check your site’s design.

Browsershots –
netrenderer –


Form creation

It can be a time consuming process creating web forms. Thankfully there are a lot of web tools available to help.

phpForm –
Wufoo –
EmailMeForm – –
Free Online Surveys –


Favicon creation

A Favicon is the small icon which appears next to your web address in most web browsers. It’s a nice addition to your website’s design and there are some helpful tools out there which create Favicons in the correct format.

Genfavicon –
Favicon –


Responsive Frameworks

Responsive Web Design is the latest approach to dealing with the increasing amount of devices that can access the interent. Responsive Frameworks adjust the site’s appearance based on the the device viewing it by using CCS3 media quieres. For example if a smart phone visits a responsive site they will see the same content as computer but in a different layout. Luckily you don’t need to start these frameworks from scratch as there are plenty of templates to choose from. We have listed some of the popular frameworks below:

1140 CSS Grid –
Less Framework 4 –
Bootstrap –
Skeleton –
Kube –


Website Reporting

Keeping a track on what your visitors are doing is so important. You can highlight popular pages as well as pages causing your vistors to leave. We offer a range of reporting installations on our Business hosting package and Google offer some great free tools to track visitors.

Google Analytics –
Google Webmaster Tools –
Available on the Business Hosting package.
Piwik –
AWStats –
Open Web Analytics –