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Linux or Windows?

At SGIS we offer servers powered by Linux or Windows. By default our hosting packages are setup on the Linux Operating System, however there is the option to change this if you need your site to run on a Windows server. This article looks to highlight some of the key differences between Windows Hosting and Linux hosting.

Why don’t you offer this option during hosting sign-up?

We decided not to offer this option to avoid confusion. For most people what platform they’re on won’t make any difference, so it made sense to remove this as an option and instead offer it on request for our customers who needed it.

What is better?

There isn’t really much difference to the majority of users. Traditionally Windows hosting is more expensive due to the licensing but that’s not the case with us. The main difference is the ability to code in ASP.NET on Windows which isn’t possible on our Linux platform. We have highlighted the main differences below:



Hosting Costs £10 – £50 per year £10 – £50 per year
Install Scripts 65 17
IIS Management & Applications
Case sensitive files*

*Index.html, index.html and INDEX.html can all be separate files on Linux and can be individually visited on the web, Windows will treat any of these files as the same – non-case sensitive.

For most people having 65 install scripts, rather than 17, is probably more important than being able to code in ASP.NET which is why we have opted for Linux as our base operating system.

To see the full features of Linux hosting please visit our Hosting Page

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If you would like to move your hosting over to a Windows operating system please contact our support team for more information.