SGIS news

Add-ons now available

Due to increased demand for add-ons such as SSL certificates and domain privacy we have now made these available for purchase during the ordering process.

SSL certificates

SSL certificates encrypt information sent to your site, so if it is intercepted by a third party the information will be useless. This is ideal if you’re running an e-commerce site or personal information is being sent to your site by visitors or customers. For full details on SSL certificates please visit

Domain Privacy

Some customers don’t wish their personal details to be stored on the WHOIS database for public viewing. If you’re an individual using a UK domain then you can opt out of this database, however if you have a global domain (.com etc) this is not available. To get round this we have introduced a domain privacy service for global domain names which hides your contact details. For more information please visit

These Add-ons are optional and won’t be needed by every customer, if you need advice on any of these products please contact us.