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Benefits of UK hosting

If your business and audience are UK based then there are some key benefits in choosing a web hosting company based in the UK.

SEO benefits

A key benefit to hosting your website in the UK is that your site will have more preference on local searches compared to websites hosted outside the UK. This is great advantage if you mainly target a local area within the UK and gives you an advantage over competitors hosted outside the UK.

Response and loading time

Again if you are targeting customers in the UK you will benefit from a faster loading web page as the server will be much closer to the customer’s location which improves the loading and response times. Typically if a visitor can’t access a page within 3 seconds they are likely to leave your site and never return..

So what about the disadvantages

The main disadvantage is hosting in the UK tends to be slightly more expensive than other countries. This is mainly due to higher running costs for electricity and higher prices on equipment. Luckily here at SGIS we work hard to keep our prices as low as possible. Prices start from only £10.00 per year and all of our hosting packages are hosted in the UK so you can rest assured your website is in the best possible place if your are targeting a UK market.

Below is an overview of the packages with offer. If you have any questions please contact us.


every year

  • 500MB Web Space
  • 1,000MB Bandwidth
  • 1-click-installations (WordPress etc)
  • 1 Mail Box

Home +

every year

  • 1 Free Domain (
  • 5,000MB Web Space
  • 50,000MB Bandwidth
  • 1-click-installations (WordPress etc)
  • 10 Mail Boxes


every year

  • 1 Free Domain (.com or
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1-click-installations (WordPress etc)
  • Unlimited Mail Boxes
  • Web Resources
  • Website Diagnostics
  • Website Reporting
  • E-commerce