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Personal SSL now available

We have recently added the ability to purchase a personal Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for your website rather than using the shared SSL. Please visit the following page for more information

But what is SSL?
SSL adds security to your website by encrypting information sent over the internet. It does this by turning the information entered into random letters, numbers and symbols so if someone intercepts the information it is meaningless. Once the data reaches the site’s server the SSL certificate holds a key that decodes the message back to meaningful information. SSL also changes the websites address from http to https.

What is difference between a shared SSL and a personal SSL?
The main different between the two is what appears in the address. The shared SSL uses the security certificate against the server and a personal SSL is against the domain. Please see the below examples.

Shared SSL – Free with Business hosting only

Personal SSL – £80 per year

When do I need SSL?
If you are gathering and sending personal information, especially credit card information, it is worth considering using SSL. It will secure your visitors information and makes your site more trustworthy. With people becoming more internet savvy can you afford to be losing customers due to a lack of security? It’s always better to be safe and secure when collecting any data from your customers.


If you need any advice on whether you need SSL for your site please contact support