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Creating an email account

Having your own email address can give you and your site a more professional look, whether you create a personal email account or a generic address such as Here is quick step-by-step guide to creating an email account on your SGIS hosting account – every hosting account comes with the ability to create an email address.

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Step 1

Log into your hosting control panel and click on “Mail Boxes” under the heading Email.

Step 2

Once you’ve entered the mail boxes page you are given the option to create an email address. A password is automatically generated or you can enter your own password. Once you are happy hit create.

N.B. It will take around an hour for the email address to become live

Step 3

Once you have successfully created the email account it will be listed under the heading “Modify Mail Boxes”. From here you can modify passwords and delete accounts. There is also the ability to choose the destination of emails if you delete an account.

Step 4

This step isn’t necessary however is a good idea to capture as many emails as possible.

Go back to the main hosting menu and click on the option “Catch-All Forwarding”. From this page you can ensure that anything@ is forward to your new email account. Simply enter your new email address into the destination box and hit create.

This is great feature as emails will still get to you due to spelling errors and you can promote different email address without having to create accounts. You can still use Catch-All Forwarding if you have multiple accounts, the Catch-All will only kick in if an actual email address does not exist.

Step 5

You are done and your email address is ready to use. To log into your email account you can either log-in via the Webmail menu option form your hosting control panel, via the webmail subdomain against your domain or link the address to an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird.

For further advice or help creating email accounts, please contact support.