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Read reviews from our customers. SGIS is constantly reviewing its practices, if you think we could do something better please contact us.

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“SGIS Features high quality web hosting for a really low price. Compared to other hosting companies, sgis is my favourite by far with almost instant customer support.”
– Lennart ten Wolde

“Used SGIS for a year and can only say one word – faultless. The help they gave me in setting up was very good and easy for me to understand with the big plus being – never had any downtime blips in the year. Thank you.”

“Despite my complete lack of expertise, SGIS took the time and trouble to guide me through some complicated stuff where other companies simple abandoned me. Superb.”
– David Newton

“Extremely simple to set-up and use. I created an eCommerce site from scratch within two hours. Any issues and they were resolved literally within minutes. They simply blow the socks off any hosting company I have dealt with in my 23 years in IT.”
– Gavin G, Office Convergence Ltd

“100% worth your money! Currently running a WordPress blog; it’s fast, smooth and just great!”
– Joshua Allerton

“Its a tribute to your well designed site and service that I was able to set up my experimental site without need to resort to contacting your esteemed support team.”
– Ahmad Sha’ath

“I’ve never experienced such a high level of customer service. I’ve made a number of requests via email that were resolved within minutes – I’ve spent longer holding on the phone for my other hosting companies. Would I recommend SGIS? Absolutely.”
– Paul Boakes

“What great customer service! Prompt and helpful, sgis resolved everything almost immediately, I am very impressed.”
– Jessica Dang

“I have had technical queries and issues of my own as I am quite an inexperienced user. I have to say that the SGIS online support has been first class. I don’t want to come across as too gushy but I’ve never found better!”
– Nick Ridley

Add your Own Testimonial